The cool thing about the App is that it is also possible to view all the services available in the region such as a pharmacy, supermarkets, stores etc.

It’s fantastic! Guys, to travel with peace of mind, in addition to organization, of
course, it is necessary to research! Search a lot! Read about the place you are
going to, search for apps that can help you during the trip (preferably those that
work offline!), Write down, ask for tips for friends… And don’t miss anything for your
so desired and dreamed trip! Speaking of which: See all posts in the Food category
(tips on restaurants in the main cities, how to save money, where to make
appetizers, best wineries, etc.). SECTION BEST TIPS ON FOOD IN ITALY How can I
choose a good restaurant in Italy? When you’re at your destination, don’t hesitate
to ask questions! That’s right, don’t be afraid! At the reception of the hotel there are
always several tips on great places to visit such as restaurants, shops, markets, but
few people pay attention to that! And the best thing is that, sometimes, the hotel has
an agreement with restaurants and other establishments that can offer you
discounts. American Pasta Factory italian restaurants in alpharetta