You can even use textures on part of the wall and experiment with different effects with the paint.

In order for the result to be positive, be sure to choose the right colors, which
will combine with the other items in the space and help to build the atmosphere
you want. For those who don’t want to use just one color but are looking for a
painting that is softer, an alternative is to bet on the tone on tone technique – a
mixture of different colors that have the same shade. This feature helps to build
the feeling of continuity, making the environment more interesting and beautiful, without overdoing it.
Exterior home painting
You can use colors to make stripes, designs or paint
different walls with different colors. Through tone on tone it is possible to
enlarge the environment, making it more cozy, fun or modern. Use your
creativity! A trend that has been gaining prominence in decoration is the finish
that has a burnt cement effect. In addition to being an inexpensive technique it
is very versatile, offering several possibilities of colors and decoration. The
finish is done with the application of a layer of putty on the walls, giving a rustic
or industrial touch for having a “stained” appearance. In addition, it brings more
strength and durability.