Talk to the painter and make a contract detailing the job to be done.

“It is important that the contract specifies agreements such
as the footage to be painted, the environments, what will be
done (if, in addition to the painting, the painter will level
the wall , hit with putty or paint the ceiling , for example),
and also how long the painting will last, ”says Levi. When
you reach an agreement, sign the document and keep a
copy. “Some walls need to be prepared to receive the
paint. Sometimes there are defects, holes, which appear
depending on the lighting . To be perfect, it may be
necessary to level with spackle ”, explains Levi.
It is
important to ask for this type of detail, as these services can
increase your budget a little. Talk to the professional
beforehand and decide what services are needed. It may be
that, during painting, the painter encounters an infiltration or
something like that. This type of structural problem,
however, is up to other professionals (such as plumbers, in
the case of an infiltration). Therefore, if this is the case,
respect the area of expertise of each professional and hire
someone specialized to solve the problem.