It is also important to be very careful when spreading the lotion in order to obtain a natural result

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When the self-tanner is evil spread, can cause orange spots. Remembering that this coloring is
temporary and comes out with time – points out the dermatologist.
Donna brings a step-by-step guide to avoid slipping on the self-tanner:
Exfoliation: Before applying, use a scrub in the bath to remove dead cells and even out skin tone.
Dry well and do not use any cream.

Application: To avoid staining your palms, use gloves to spread the product or wash your
hands immediately afterwards.

Uniform distribution: Apply the lotion with long and methodical movements, ensuring a
uniform and beautiful tone.

  • Tanning is usually darker in certain areas of the body, such as heels, knees and elbows. If this happens,
    pass a cotton wool moistened in these parts to dilute the shade of the self-tanner – says the specialist.

Tanning the face: Place a small amount of product on the forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones and
neck, then spread with smooth movements from the inside out. Remember to smooth the tone of the
neck and ears with the rest of your face.

Golden skin: To achieve the golden tone of the sun, apply the lotion daily until you obtain the
desired color. When you get the ideal tan, reapply every two days to maintain the shade, or once a
week depending on the intensity of the product. Wait 20 minutes before putting the clothes on, so
that it dries completely and does not stain the fabrics.