However, she is not the only option to end the meal with a flourish.

Very democratic, the menu reveals options such as lemon pie with meringue and babà al limoncello (dumpling soaked in spice syrup and drizzled with lemon liqueur), as well as more conventional desserts like rice pudding, petit gâteau and chocolate mousse pie , for example. Another concern of the owners of Italian restaurants is the decoration of the place. After all, the environment needs to refer to the culture of the country of the boot, right? Green and red predominate in most establishments of this
gastronomy. However, nothing prevents you from composing a different
environment with the help of furniture. In other words, tables and
chairs whose layout favors the feeling of well-being of regulars. Therefore,
invest in charming environments full of charming details, ranging from
the furniture to the choice of dishes. In addition, a lighted garden represents an invitation to open a good wine and chat with friends, as in Italy, where people are in no hurry to eat and can take hours to have lunch or dinner, without ever being rushed to release the table. American Pasta Factory pasta rowell ga