How to get tanned without the sun? Tips and formulas

Best self tanner for fair skin
Having a tanned, golden and hydrated skin, with that healthy aspect, is the
challenge of lovers of the sun in the coldest seasons of the year. The good news is
that it is possible to stay with the color of summer at any time, without having to
spend hours in the sun, a habit that often ends up damaging
and aging the skin . As? The answer is simple and innovative: with self-tanners.
Check out the tips that Araujo Manipulação prepared for you to get a tan
without the sun ! Thanks to self-tanners, it is possible to tan your skin with
about three or four hours after applying the products. Basically, its function is to
reach the most superficial layer of the skin and react with the amino acids
present there, thus promoting its coloring.
Sunless tanning mimics the color of melanin, a substance that protects the skin,
but is not melanin. Thus, it is always important that the sunscreen continues to be
applied .
Studies show that the topical application of self-tanners for three days provides a
gradual, lasting, uniform and natural tanning effect. Too much, isn’t it?