Follow the explanations of how it works the electric motor by means of force to rotate the shaft

So that an electric motor can rotate in the correct axis, it is clear that he has some effort and not just set the force used, then we can say that is not enough to define the force used: one must also know how far from the center axis force is applied, this effort is measured by the conjugate, which is the product of force by the distance to calculate the energy and mechanical power.

The power applied measures the rate at which power is applied or consumed by the engine then, for example, if a well is 25.5 meters deep, the energy used to bring the pail bottom to the wellhead is always the same, this amounts to 30 x 25.5 m N = 410 Nm. cm3155

Thus it is noted that the mechanical energy measurement unit, Nm is the same as that used for the electric motor torque, and yet it comes to different kinds of magnitudes, which must not be confused ever.


Electric motor W22C5 models, W34C

Attention descriptions of the two types of electric motor being sold in the Brazilian market.

W22C5 Pump Monoblock JP IR3 Premium

This electric motor is ideal for direct coupling pumps, indirect coupled pumps, and ideal for use in fields because it has a super iron railing resistant to wear and tear of time, and also a protective screen against backlash, your new W22C5 line exclusively was made to double Monobloc pumps and also features all the concepts and benefits of the new platform W22C6 engines combined with the best performance.

W34C Pump Monoblock JP IR2 best bussman fuses

It is an engine that can only be used for the direct coupling pumps, and has its well restricted, so it is an engine that can only be sold on order, because its cost is too high, and the investment has to compensate, the engine has a new line for W22 Monoblock pumps brings all the concepts and benefits of the new platform W333 engines.

As the electric current reaches the engine through the switch

The switch is one of the electric motor components, and it works as follows, the electric current will then reach for one of his brushes negative pole, and will enter the switch board, done that it passes through the rotor coil and with that he goes out the other plate of positive polarity switch and back to the source by the other brush, done that at this stage the rotor holds its first turn around.

The complete picture of this situation in the following way, the rotor turned lp cc 5, and the switch plates exchange their contacts with brushes and as the current reverses its course of direction in the coil of the motor it will keep turning, and so we can say that the DC motor will be always turning with the same direction of rotation.

It is clear that the engine still above has its problems, and this should be taken into account when we buy a motor.

Alimentos com carboidratos para ganhar massa muscular

Para ganhar músculos é necessário seguir treinos rigorosos e não fazer corpo mole na academia. Mas puxar peso não é o suficiente quando se fala em ganhar massa muscular. A alimentação é um ponto chave para este ganho, e um dos nutrientes mais importantes é o carboidrato.

Os carboidratos fazem parte da resposta à pergunta o que comer para ganhar massa muscular, isso porque ele é tão importante para o crescimento muscular quanto à proteína. Ele prove energia e força durante o treino e depois da atividade física, restabelecendo a energia gasta. Se o carboidrato falta após a prática de musculação, o corpo não se recupera adequadamente, prejudicando o ganho de massa muscular. o que comer para ganhar massa muscular

Aposte nos carboidratos de baixo índice glicêmicos (índice que sinaliza a capacidade de um alimento de aumentar o nível de açúcar no sangue). Os alimentos com baixo índice glicêmico têm a digestão mais lenta e proporcionam sensação de saciedade por mais tempo. Alimentos como cereais integrais, batata doce e mandioca contém baixo índice glicêmico.

One of the electric motor types that deliver a constant speed

The electric motor can be alternating current, that because the distribution of electricity, can be continuous or alternating. Its operating principle is based on what we call a rotating field, which arises when the three-phase AC system is applied in pole lagged physically 120 degrees.

Thus the currents that are 120 degrees out of phase, LP-CC-1 has electrical degrees, at each instant, at least one pair of poles and thus a magnetic field having higher intensity. The vector association of the motor has the same effect of a rotating field which moves along the perimeter of a component called stator and time may also vary, depending on how this would be to use the electric motor and how long it had been running.

There is a type of engine called synchronous motor, which operates at a constant speed, and uses an armature that has already predefined magnetic field thereby increasing the motor response when used.